Foursquare Failure: Starbucks

I taught 6th grade for a year and as a result I ended up with a nice little caffeine addiction due to the long days. After I left teaching and moved back into the tech/start-up world, I got my coffee fix from Starbucks instead of the watered-down coffee they had in the cafeteria. My wife […]

It is ok to say “I don’t Know”

I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t learn something. I know the phrase “you learn something new everyday” can be a bit of a cliche, but it is actually true. I read, well skim, quite a few articles using NetNewsWire and usually find a few decent articles each day. Even in my […]

what ios apps i use

I’m always curious about what apps people have on their phone so I decided to post about what apps I keep on my home screen and the other top apps I use daily. I did go through a period where I was downloading a ton of apps but I found that I rarely ever opened […]

what Naked and Afraid can teach you about marketing

My wife and I stumbled across the show Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel a couple of months ago and it quickly became one of our favorite shows. The show features a man and a woman stripped down to nothing (genitals blurred) and dropped off in a remote location (areas in season 1 included:A […]

i’m writing an eBook

I’ve written the first draft of a marketing eBook and I hope it is just the first in a series. The eBooks will include my thoughts and the tactics that have worked well for me during my career as a marketer. The first book, which I am still narrowing down a title, will focus on […]


Citrix loves workshifting and all of our products help people stay productive wherever they happen to be. I’m lucky to be able to work from home when I need to. This doesn’t just have to be when I have an appointment or a child home from school, but can be whenever I feel that I’ll […]

ShareFile at work video

I recently helped film a video about ShareFile. Our team did an amazing job with the video and we’ve gotten great results using it in our marketing efforts. A few video facts: I filmed a part about how I used ShareFile that didn’t make the cut. I probably botched about an hour worth of footage. […]